DIY Fridays!

How these days started is a really good story to tell, Spring cleaning got me to so excited because of all of the things I found that I had forgotten all about. It really felt like I had gone on a 4-Day Shopping Spree, so I weighed my options: what else could I do that would have me have new goodies all for myself?? And so, DIY Fridays were born!!

Ok first things first, DIY stands for Do It Yourself, and on these days I do everything I would have given someone else to do for a fee, that entails repairs and make-overs. As much as I’m all for #SupportYourLocalWhosoever I am also a designer, in my own right lol, and really enjoy doing things for myself and it gives me the opportunity to come up with create creative solutions for regular problem. Confession time: my DIY Friday haven’t been running smoothly. There always is something to do or someone to visit but my Fridays are officially DIY Fridays!!

Please note the rest images for these articles are posted on the sister blog <3<3<3

2 Comments Add yours

  1. nontobeko says:

    Hi my beautiful girl
    Will you please come over to mom Ntobe’s house for DIY in one of the Fridays , that would be highly appreciated.
    Love the idea but my hand are full for now, hence I’m extending the invite to UPC
    Love you
    Mom Ntobe


  2. Aphelele says:

    Hahahaha!!! Of course momma!!! With great pleasure…


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