Meet Ma-Homie!!!

You know when someone has played more than one role in your life and he’s a friend and impacts your life as more than a friend?? Yeeeeeah! That’s Neo Mahome.

A wonderful soul really! So passionate and self-less. Similarly to Tshepo, Neo would host weekly cell meetings at my highschool. What was so amazing was that he wasn’t attending the school, though he made it a point to come to school weekly! He had been in full-time ministry at His People Wits. Now, there were worries about me changing for the worst when I ‘moved’ to Joburg, but once again God had a different plan for my life! A plan for me to meet and pursue Him further! Meeting Him and pursuing Him was made successful by Neo’s self-less service!

I might not know Neo, in detail, personally but those cell meetings really brought closure! Now I can proudly declare that Neo Mahome, is my g and my homie! For reals!!!

Please note the rest of the images for this article are poster on the sister blog <3<3<3

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