Knowledge Deficiency Kills!!!

I knooow! The subject heading is very dramatic, but this is a very serious issue!!! As much as this is not a sermon post, I would like to kick this post off with a scripture found in the book  of Hosea 4:6 ” My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge…”

Now this scripture has been made real to me throughout the last 2 weeks primarily from different encounters I had with totally different people. There’s one particular one I recently had that stands out: the other super chilled day, my birthday more specifically, I went to town to do my hair. I then tried two different salons, the first try was in vain because they told me the hairstyle I was going for was not achievable with the hair extensions I had on! The second try’s outcome was the absolute opposite of the first. The stylist who was doing me admitted that he hadn’t done the style before and he wasn’t sure if the style was easily attainable though he reassured me that he would make sure he achieves it, come hell or high waters!! And he did!!

In this case both the stylist were given the exact same test difference is one had the knowledge that he was able to make a plan, and the other lacked that knowledge. Lol, it may seem like I’m probably over-analysing this incident. Perhaps I am. I’ve adopted learning from anything and everything I go through.

In conclusion? The lack of knowing who you are and what you’re capable of doing has the power to halt your advancement as a progressive human.

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