Moo Yo’s Frozen Yoghurt – #SupportYourLocalWhosoever

Would you believe me if I told you that I have found the absolute cure to your hot and sticky Zululand days? Well you better believe it because it’s true!! #TruthOnly

So I had the pleasure of meeting and encountering Ms Bernice, the owner of Moo Yos in Empangeni. Moo Yo’s sells ALL sorts of frozen yoghurt, PERFECT for this region! Here’s how the conversation went…

Allow us to officially meet you in one sentence…

My name is Bernice Van Der Meijden. I have never owned a business before. My husband decided that he wants a business, one day he came back saying he has bought a business, Moo Yo’s has been my baby ever since.

Unpack Moo Yo’s for us, what services do you render and what products do you provide?

We sell frozen yoghurt in tubs, lollies and ice-cream. Our main product is the frozen yoghurt though!

What’s your USP (Unique Selling Point)?

It would be that we sell frozen yoghurt, with good health benefits. Even though it is imported from Italy we maintain a relatively low selling price.

What other branded products do you endorse?

We sell Ola ice-cream lollies for those individuals who still prefer ice-cream, so we cater to all!!

Any health benefits in your product?

There are no traces of artificial ingredients in our frozen yoghurt, it is gluten-free and made from 100% natural products. Even our dips and sauces are made from cane sugar and not an artificial sweetener.

How many valuations of your products are available?

Nine. We offer 9 different frozen yoghurt flavours, which we interchange weekly!

Please do check out and like the Moo Yos Facebook page and visit their store in Empangeni, at 5 Ways Mall opposite Maxi’s. Summer this year ain’t playing games heeey so #SupportYourLocalWhosoever #MooYos

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