Prayer over gossip!

Sounds very spiritual and deep right? Not really. It’s easy actually…

It firstly requires one to realise our disability to fix other beings. Your talking about someone or gossiping actually does nothing to positively change the problem you have with a person or a group of people. Not unless you actually talk to the person who seems to be your worry, which would be very courageous to do, though, you can’t be too sure if the  other person will receive it positively.

What would be the best solution? Well just like the designer is the one who knows his work best, so it is with God and His people. So the solution? Pray for that person. Gossiping is willingly and continuously complaining about a thing you have no power to change. Praying about it, on the other hand, is taking the matter to a person whose got the full power to make a change.

So which will you go for?

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