Sunday Service – 26/10/2014

Sunday Service


– VOH High Tea (fund raising for the 2015 VOH Comference) tickets available from the any CFCI offices
– Testimony Sunday 09/11/2014
– Youth Network revival with speaker 31/10/2014 @18:00
– Big Walk Event – Awareness event (breast cancer, women abuse and healthy lifestyle) 01/11/2014
– Woman’s Mirror written by Prophetess NH Dhlomo @R40 each.

Offering Message by Mrs Hlongwane

– The time for offering is praise and worship time extended!
– There is nothing we can give in exchange of all the blessings God gives us, DAILY! No amount will equate.
– Malaci 3:6-10

1) Return to God
2) Stop robbing God
3) Test God

Word by Elder Hlatswayo

-1 Peter 1:8
– (the story of doubtful Thomas) Jesus did all that’s was meant to be done in order to make him believe. In order to strengthen his faith!
– Faith is our TOTAL dependance on God!

Word by Prophetess NH Dhlomo
“Faith to receive the promise”

– Let God’s promise be sufficient for you. Hear Him out and believe, that’s all you need do.
– Romans 1:127
– Psalms 121:11
– Romans 4:8-24
– God comes through whenever and wherever He’s expected, irrespective of the current situation.
– Faith should fill you up with power!
– Faith is the conviction of the reality of what we hope for.
– There is no day that goes by without God working for us. In order to strengthen our faith.

– Faith doesn’t come in the absence of the word of God (Faith comes from hearing and hearing the word of God)
– Genesis 18:
– We should often ask if there’s anything too hard for God? Are there any impossibilities with God?
– Faith involves believing but it goes beyond human belief, it is directly dependant to personal revelation.
– Romans1:17
– One needs daily faith and to live solemnly by faith.
– Ecclesiastes 4:9-12
– Fellowship strengthens faith

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