Meet Cindy!!!

Cindy oh Cindy! This wonderful soul I had the absolute pleasure and privileged of meeting when we were still fairly young and we’ve grown together! It has been so beautiful to see her grow into such a beautiful, God-fearing and fiercely passionate woman!!

Grow together? Yeeeeah, literally and figuratively! Ok, okaaaaay!! She’s always been a tad bit (just a TAD bit) taller than me. Ok moving swiftly to the figurative aspect, we’ve known each other from high school (I was 16, she was 15) and every year we’d notice changes in each other that we could easily adapt to because we were living together, in hostel that is. So when high school days came to an end we lived in different cities (she in Joburg and me in Durban), so the changes became to pile up and communication became a challenge but she has managed to maintain her role as friend in my life and for that I thank God, kakhuuuuuulu!!

Creative? She studied Visual Arts at the National School of the Arts. She’s currently going to Vega and doing big things man! I tell you! Talking about big things she’s also a MODEL, yeeeah and she’s a skhokho! The most amazing part of her? She fears and pursues God in her life. Holistic POMP!

Lol, ok. With this article I managed to spill most of the beans because I want to make it as visible as possible how REAL Cindy and me’s friendship has been! I truly love Cindy Tshivhasa, awww ma-Cindza!! Cindza-mann!

Please note the rest of the images for this article are poster on the sister blog <3<3<3

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Cindy Tshivhasa says:

    Aphelele!! This is so beautiful. Thank you so so much. God knows how grateful I am to have you as a sister and friend in my life. Even in your silence you speak so much sense. A lot of which I’ve learnt from . I love you .


    1. Aphelele says:

      I love you Cindy!!!


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