Meet Skonie!!!

Skooooonieeee!!! It’s funny how this nickname was formulated! LOL!

Ok, Skonie’s earth name is Bongekile Manana and I had the pleasure of developing a unique relationship with her after meeting her at the beginning of our Fashion Diploma at DUT.

Skonie is a happily married mother of two beauties, and her hometown is in Swaziland, yes meaning she speaks Swati at random, THE FUN!!! She has remained to be such an inspiration and instrument of drive since the born-days of our friendship!! She not only is a designer which I look up to and a personal friend, she also is a spiritual sister that I have learned so much from, mostly from her actions.

One more pomp? She was one of the designers who showcased their work at this year’s DUT Fashion Week, having said thaaat, she made me feel like such a #ProudMomma !! Her range was so beautiful, her presentation AMAZING!! Lol, aaaanyways, back to Skonie my friend! Well actually that’s pretty much it folks! Meeeeeeet Skonie!

Please note the rest of the images for this article are poster on the sister blog <3<3<3

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