Sunday Service – 19/10/2014


– Vessel of Honour High Tea with the Prophetess

Theme Topic: Dressing Like A God Fearing Woman

Date: 1/11/2014

Venue: College Dinning Hall

Time: 13:30pm

Tickets are available at any of the CFCI offices

Offering Message by Prophetess NH Dhlomo

-Proverbs 11:24-25

-You can’t belong to God’s kingdom without the being willing to spend.

– It isn’t God that makes one poor, but his very attitude and actions thereof.

– Doing God’s will results in prosperity!

– God’s word never goes back void.

Word by Apostle MC Dhlomo

“Keys on living victoriously”

1) Believe in Jesus Christ’s Lordship.

– Be bold in your witness!

– Pursuing God doesn’t give you the right to judge those who don’t! Respect other people’s belief systems even if they contrast or go against yours.

– Joshua 24:14

– Choose the person/thing who receives your worship and worship that person/thing thoroughly!

– Duetoronomy 18:9-11

– Leviticus 18:28

– Learn to respect and honour your loved ones while ones while they are alive and still appreciate it.

– Ecclesiastes 9:5

– You will never know the power of God until you stand for Him!

– The bible doesn’t allow you to mix God with other belief systems.

2) Read the word of God and be one with it!

3) Write down your dreams and bring them to God in prayer.

4) Expect opposition and be ready for spiritual warfare.

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