Stop fighting it!

It’s unbelievably discouraging how we, as humans, tend to fight the truth so much. Neo Mahome once said something I found to be so profound, “The truth does not need your belief to make valid how real it is.” If only we could adopt this truth and live by it.

We would not see the need to compare the superiority of our separate belief systems and we would have so much confidence in ourselves and in turn our beliefs. Now there’s one truth I would like to talk about, and that’s the reality of God! He’s such a real God with tangible love! Unfortunately for us and fortunately for Him, our belief in Him doesn’t affect how real He is! He’s real whether we believe it or not, so we might as well believe that He is! And the truth is He sent the only son He had to die for all your sins and save us from them! So whether you believe it or not you are SAVED!

Ps. The image I attached speaks about handling the truth, it is not a Christian quote but is filled with so much truth. Stop fighting the truth! Just accept it, live by it and allow life to unfold.

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