DUT Fashion Week 2014

Ok, firstly I would like to clear-the-air by stating that ‘DUT Fashion Week’ is not the event’s official name. It is, though, a name that we’ve jokingly nicknamed it as fashion students, but the caliber of the work produced by the students for this affair doesn’t put this title to shame at all!

So the fashion week is an opportunity given to all the 3rd year DUT fashion students to explore the fields in fashion that they are interested in. Meaning a whole lot of research, planning and organising goes into making this event a success. This year’s show allowed me to learn from the exhibiting designers, mainly because this group is soooo close to my heart because I had #GoodTimes with them for the first 2 years of this course. A lesson that I have leaned is that as a fashion designer you can’t and won’t be able to produce work that pleases everyone and appeals to all styles. You can, though, gain respect from producing high-quality work. Your style may not attract loads of customers but work of a high standard will definitely gain people’s trust. Having gained that understanding, I grew to quickly accept and respect the panel’s judgement, and I would like to reassure the designers that the overall judgement doesn’t de-notify (if that’s even a proper word!) the absolute beauty created by each and every designer for this show!!!

The other point that made this experience so awesome, was that I therefore got a chance to fully experience the beauty of the work of the designers I had had the delight of meeting and encountering. Well having said all of that, I present to you the top 15:

  • Blaire Hill
  • Lauren Straker
  • Candice du Preez
  • Bongekile Manana
  • Talitha Retallick
  • Tayla Conlon
  • Alice Rash
  • Abigail Glover
  • Racine Denny
  • Megan Morris
  • Sarah Stoute
  • Nthabiseng Molefe
  • Fatimah Patel
  • Elaine Mulder
  • Sadie Bosworth-Smith

And the overall winners were:

  • Special Recognition Award: Sadie Bosworth-Smith, Racine Denny and Blaire Hill.
  • Best Technical Student: Lauren Straker.
  • Most Commercial Award: Nthabi Molefe.
  • The Roy Holmes Award: Elaine Mulder.
  • Most Innovative Award: Sarah Stoute.
  • Best Range On Show: Fatimah Patel.

AFI Fast-track Candidates: Sarah Stoute, Blaire Hill, Lauren Straker, Bongekile Manana, Racine Denny, Sadie Bosworth-Smith, Nthabiseng Molefe, Elaine Mulder.

PS. I didn’t have an excellent view or good-picture-taking instruments, lol, but we learn we grow! So do excuse the quality of the pictures I took (posted on Facebook Aphelele Chonco, Twitter @Upc_ZuluBom, Instagram @Up_phelele and tumbler insideaphsie.tumblr.com) and please do check out the optics taken by @dut.fashion on Instagram.

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