The Truth About Pain

There’s a certain lesson in all the pains that we go through in life. They tend to have the ability to put certain things into perspective. In contrast to my regular posting pattern, this time these quotes got me to reflect on my own life and that became a lesson by itself.

Now the pains that I’ve encountered were because of mainly two things, namely people and life. That brings me to the first quote (top left) that is about suffering caused by people. I learnt at an early age that some people cause suffering because of the internal suffering they wrestle on a daily basis. As much as it’s sounds really difficult to do, showing the person who hurts you love is the best resolution. Showing love sets your heart free to communicate in a language it understands the most and it sets the other person free by allowing them to experience love first-hand. That approach is a holistic cure than a mere ‘taming’ agent. Just like it’s better to treat the cause than the symptoms of an infection or sickness, so is it best to return love when you’ve been made to  suffer.

The second quote on the other hand talks about the struggles that come along in life. I have learnt that those come either to push you closer to your success or to qualify your success story. There’s one thing about us humans that we tend to not understand fully, that is :- that there is absolutely nothing that can be made to tame us or to bring us to a complete stop. At the beginning when God created the first two humans He told them that they have dominance over the animals of the land, air and water and basically everything else on Earth. So this means that everything else on planet earth we are made to dominate over. Domination is a form of success.

Make a conscience decision to positively respond to pains you encounter whether caused by other beings or by life itself.

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