“Support your local whosoever!” – Propaganda

This article talks about the importance of supporting your local businesses. Not only because it’s someone’s way to provide bread and butter for themselves and their family, but also because they are taking their time, efforts, skills and money to serve you, the customer!

This idea may sound so far fetched at first, but it is indeed is a reality. What makes it real?- you may ask.  Well, to answer your question, entrepreneurs start businesses as a solution to a specific problem they have recognised. In order to start a business you also need to identify a market, and if a business man has gone as far as starting their business they have a market!

So what am I saying? Support your local entrepreneurs!! Their success directly depends on the strength of your support!

Who’s the local whosoever I support? Ejimini Lifestyle and Wellness Centre. This entity has been what I need and more for my recovery (both physically and emotionally). Ejimini is majorly known for the gym part of their business, and I too before this year. It was interesting to find out they also offer physiotherapy and run a beauty clinic too! Exciting things!

Moral of the story: you never know the greatness of the local businesses around you unless you go out and support them!

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