Meet Tshepo!!!

Aaaaaw Tshe-plus! Di-Tshepzisto! Ma-Tshepana!! Lol, oh Lord!!! Tshepo must be so shocked to read his ‘new’ nicknames, believe it or not I never call him that Live!

So the next friend that I would love to introduce to you is Tshepo Zion Tshabalala! I had the honour and privilege of going to the same highschool as him, the NSA in Braamfontein, Joburg. Our friendship was established when I became a regular attendant at the cell meetings he would  host at the N-Course Music Department (during breaks), these meetings served as a great platform for fellowship with Jesus and other fellow believers.

What makes our friendship unique is the amount of fellowship Tshepo offered to me! He’s the person I could talk to if I had something that was bothering me, we would pray together, and we would believe for something to happen together. Lol, I’m reading this article and I’m amazed at the truth that it entails, and I really hope that Tshepo has also found me as a friend of his calibre. What a brother I have found in him!!!

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