Meet Dineo!

Dineo Mote is the love of my heart <3. I can say that with full confidence, I’ve always had the impression that falling in love was a far-fetched ‘butterflies-in-your stomach’ kind of love, and I had always related it to a romantic attraction.

Yeah, that all went out the window when I met and had an encounter with Miss Mote. We go to the same collage, meaning we are both studying towards a diploma in Fashion and Textiles. You can tell by her images that she just oozes with creativity. Everything about her screams ‘SHE’S A DESIGNER!!!!’ Not only has she been a great influence and help for my work ethics, even more than that she has been an amazing friend and fellowshipee! We spend so much time talking about our life experiences, our dreams, our design ideas and we pray with and for each other!

I am going through a point in my life where I feel so grateful for all the people in my life and for all the things I experience, and I am extra grateful to have had the opportunity to develop and grow a bond and relationship with Dineo Mote.

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