Fashabition 2011

Oooookaaay, okay. 2011 may be a bit of a golden oldie vibe, but it was a major stepping-stone for Neo and me.

Firstly, the name ‘Fashabition’ was is a mixture of two words, fashion + exhibition, because that is exactly what this production aimed to do. Background story? You needn’t ask! Neo (same one in the ‘Beneficial Friends’ category) and me were doing our matric (grade 12) that year and we were both doing 3 Dimensional Design as a subject. In that subject we were given the chance to creatively make anything absolutely amazing and tangible, 3 dimensional more precisely. So we had learnt how to research and conceptualise a design idea and carry it through to the actual making of the design. So for two years we kept asking: “How do we do Fashion in a way that upholds the actual design process? and “How do we create really beautiful garments without making them too costumy?”

2011 proved to be the year we dared to provide an answer to all the questions we had. We decided to have an exhibition that exhibits our fashion designs, we treated them as art works as opposed to clothes that are worn everyday. Lol, in our defence me and Neo had no formal Fashion Design education or experience at the time, just passion! So don’t judge to harshly! Lol! I present, Fashabition… *drumroll*

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