Meet uAmo!

The way in which I have mad love for this lady! Amanda Nana Sibiya is a mighty woman of God, inspiring graphic designer and an amazing friend!

All the photoshop tips and tricks I’ve come to know, I was taught by her. She has done loads of wonderful, inspiring pieces ranging from manual and digital designs to paintings! Weeeeeeell go ahead and meet her! Facebook (Amanda Nana Sibiya), Twitter (Nanerrr) and on Instagram (Amanda Sibiya)

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Amanda says:

    Aaaaaaaahhhhhh my goli gol gol…. oooh my word .. im so honoured its not even funny… uAmo has her own page baba hahaha… ai ai ai Hamba mina… aaaah I love you soooooo much … now I’m gonna get my blog going so i can have a UPC page too…


    1. Aphelele says:

      Lol, woooooola Amizzle!!! I digz you maaayne!!


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